Hong Kong Roundtable (July 2015)

Industry Collaboration

Asia-Pacific Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography

The Asia-Pacific Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography (APAC-FCACP) was launched in 2009 to broaden the fight against the online sale and dissemination of child sexual exploitation materials.

APAC-FCACP members include banks, credit card companies, online third-party payment systems, technology companies, social networking platforms, industry associations, and law enforcement agencies.

“Throughout years of partnership between MasterCard and ICMEC, I have witnessed first-hand the growth of interest and efforts from the financial and banking industry in contributing to the work of the Financial Coalition. Many who have since participated have helped curb child abuse by limiting the flow of ill-gotten funds to the criminals. I am honoured that my role allows me to contribute to this worthy cause.”Barry Wong, Vice President and Asia Pacific Regional Lead, Customer Security & Risk Services, MasterCard


Country Roundtables

Since 2013, the APAC-FCACP has focused on initiatives geared to individual countries. ICMEC Singapore has hosted three country-specific roundtables: in New Zealand, in Australia, and in Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China). These encounters drew together interested organizations and institutions to combat the misuse of legitimate corporate platforms to sell, distribute, and access child sexual exploitation materials.

New Zealand

In September 2013, in Auckland, we were chosen to chair the Asia Pacific Financial Coalition New Zealand Working Group. The Working Group is made up of the following organizations:

  • 4 major banks;
  • 2 law enforcement agencies (New Zealand Police & the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs)
  • ECPAT Child Alert, a New Zealand organization dedicated to protecting children.
  • Microsoft;
  • Simpson Grierson, one of New Zealand’s leading law firms; and
  • Visa.


In May 2014, in Sydney, representatives from a coalition of stakeholders discussed research conducted by Allen & Overy on the legal framework to prevent child exploitation in the Asia Pacific. They also shared perspectives on ways to increase their collaboration. Participants included:

  • Child Wise, an Australian organization dedicated to protecting children
  • Uniting Church in Australia
  • Australian Communications and Media Authority (currently The Office of the Children’s eSafety Commissioner)
  • Inhope, the International Association of Internet hotlines
  • University of Tasmania Law School
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Queensland Police Task Force Argos
  • Mastercard
  • PayPal
  • Visa
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Safer Childhoods Foundation of Indonesia
  • Google
  • Thai Institute of Justice

Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China)

In July 2015, in Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region of China), U.S. Consul General Clifford Hart joined ICMEC CEO Ambassador Maura Harty at the opening of the 3rd Asia Pacific Financial Coalition Roundtable held in Hong Kong. The event was hosted by Allen & Overy, ICMEC’s pro bono partner in the fight against online child exploitation.

Technology Challenges Working Group

In addition to its country-specific work, the APAC-FCACP has developed another promising initiative. The APAC-FCACP’s Technology Challenges Working Group seeks to identify the ever-increasing tools that the exploiters of children employ on the Internet. To this end, the Working Group has published two helpful resources on confronting challenges in the fight against child pornography:

Click here to learn about how the partnership between financial and technology industries can help in the fight against online child sexual abuse. The collaboration between public and private partnership can have the power to protect children.