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Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Cybercrime

Confronting New Challenges in the Fight Against Child Pornography: Considerations for Protecting Children & Your Company’s Reputation When Engaging with Digital Businesses


(ICMEC, APAC-FCACP) The goal of this paper is to help companies manage risk and relationships by providing information on the digital platforms/business models that can be abused for the purpose of distributing child sexual exploitation content.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Trafficking, Cybercrime

The Abuse of Information and Communication Technologies for Child Sex Trafficking


(ICMEC) This article reviews the international legal framework and supporting initiatives aimed at combating the abuse of information and communication technologies for purposes of child sex trafficking.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Cybercrime

Confronting New Challenges in the Fight Against Child Pornography: Best Practices to Help File Hosting and File Sharing Companies Fight the Distribution of Child Sexual Exploitation Content


(ICMEC, APAC-FCACP), This report details what precautions file sharing and file hosting companies can take to help ensure that child sexual exploitation content is not stored, hosted, reproduced, or distributed by users of their services.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Child Trafficking, Missing Children/Child Abduction, England

Running from hate to what you think is love: The relationship between running away and child sexual exploitation


(Barnardo’s) Research focused on running away, child sexual exploitation (CSE) and youth homelessness has documented an intrinsic relationship between running away and CSE. However, a review of this research literature reveals that none of the research projects addressing running away have explored the issue of CSE in depth. Previous research has started to explore the relationship between running away and CSE but there is need for research that explicitly explores this relationship. In recognition of this gap in learning, Barnardo’s and Paradigm Research developed a proposal to undertake an action research study to address the relationship between running away and CSE in England. This report presents their findings.

Child Abuse/Exploitation

Global Health Coalition: Summary & Strategy for the Future


(ICMEC) As part of the Declaration of Rome, a Global Health Coalition was created to help address child sexual abuse and exploitation as a public health crisis. This report details the Coalition’s strategy.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Legislation, Russia

Russian Legislation on the Protection of Children Against Sexual Abuse and Sexual Exploitation


(ICMEC) This white paper reviews the reasons why the Russian Federation has delayed ratification of the Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child on the Sale of Children, Child Prostitution and Child Pornography and the Council of Europe Convention on the Protection of Children against Sexual Exploitation and Sexual Abuse and attempts to determine the primary challenges for bringing Russian law in line with these international instruments.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Marriage, Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran, Yemen

Child Marriage in the MENA Region


(ICMEC) This white paper explores the link between child (or early) marriage and child sexual exploitation. With a focus on 4 countries - Afghanistan, Egypt, Iran and Yemen - this report provides a broad overview of the issue, its causes and effects, and the differing legal treatment of child marriage. In addition to country profiles, the report also presents several recommendations for future action in the region.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Cybercrime

Joint Report on Online Child Protection: Combatting Child Pornography on the Internet


(ICMEC, Children’s Charities’ Coalition on Internet Safety) This report updated the one previously released in 2010, and describes the impact of the Internet on the production and distribution of child pornography. It presents a range of legal measures that Commonwealth Member States might consider adopting, and it sets them in the context of wider initiatives designed to make the Internet a safer place for children and young people around the world.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Cybercrime

Trends in Online Crime and Their Potential Implications in the Fight Against Commercial Child Pornography


(U.S. FCACP) The intent of this report is to highlight emerging trends in cybercrime/cybersecurity and to evoke thought and discussion about their potential impact on the child safety arena. Each section delves into examples of activities that have garnered the attention of the researchers and professionals working to combat cybercrime.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Child Protection, International Schools, Law Enforcement, Schools

Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis For Professionals Investigating the Sexual Exploitation of Children


(NCMEC & OJJDP) This publication hopes to address and improve this situation for the benefit of the victims, investigators, and prosecutors. While society has become increasingly more aware of the problem of the acquaintance molester and related problems such as child pornography, the voice calling the public to focus only on “stranger danger” and many child-abuse professionals to focus only on intrafamilial sexual abuse still persists. Sexual-exploitation cases involving acquaintance molesters present many investigative challenges, but they also present the opportunity to obtain a great deal of corroborative evidence, get solid convictions, and prevent continued victimization.

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