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Child Protection, Cybercrime

ITU Guidelines for Children on Child Online Protection


(International Telecommunications Union) These guidelines advise children  on possible harmful activities online, such as bullying and harassment, identity theft, and online abuse. The guidelines also include advice to children seeing and experiencing harmful and illegal content online, or young people being exposed to grooming for sexual purposes, the production, distribution and collection of child abuse material.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Cybercrime

Trends in Migration, Hosting and Payment for Commercial Child Pornography Website


(U.S. FCACP) This paper, written by the U.S. Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography’s Technology Challenges Working Group, addresses current trends in migration, hosting and payment specific to commercial child pornography websites.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Cybercrime

Internet Merchant Acquisition and Monitoring Best Practices for the Prevention and Detection of Commercial Child Pornography


(U.S. FCACP) This document contains a compilation of methods that some U.S. Financial Coalition Against Child Pornography members have used in their application and verification process, and thereafter, to detect child pornographers and prevent them from establishing or maintaining merchant accounts.

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Cybercrime

Child Pornography: Assessing the Global Agenda Forum


(ICMEC) The report includes findings from the April 2005 Lyon Forum, which explored the current state of and emerging trends in child pornography, assessed the progress made on the Dublin Plan, and adjusted its recommendations for future actions accordingly.


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