ICMEC’s Australia Office

Defending children from sexual exploitation and abuse in Australia and around the globe.

ICMEC’s office in Sydney, Australia works to raise critical awareness and collective response to the scourge of online child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA).

Since 2014, under the auspices of ICMEC’s Financial Coalitions Against Child Sexual Exploitation, ICMEC has worked with partners across sectors including law enforcement, regulators, financial institutions, nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), and digital technology providers to develop practical, local solutions to strengthen national strategies to prevent, investigate, and prosecute child sexual exploitation and abuse (CSEA). 

In 2020, the Australian Centre to Counter Child Exploitation’s (ACCCE) Child Protection Triage Unit received more than 21,000 reports of online child sexual exploitation. In the past year alone, the ACCCE has intercepted and examined more than 250,000 child abuse material files. The Australian Federal Police charged a total of 191 people with 1,847 alleged child abuse-related offences in 2020.

ICMEC Managing Director of Asia Pacific and Chief Executive Australia Operations, Bindu Sharma, noted, “Our experience globally has shown that close collaboration and collective action can make real progress in defending children. We have spent many years building partnerships across sectors and now is the time to affirm these partnerships and step up the fight in Australia.”

Among other activities, ICMEC works with partners across Australia to:

  • develop data-sharing tools and best practices that enhance the detection and investigation of crimes against children online within the bounds of privacy laws.
  • advocate for enhanced laws to defend children from harm online.

We acknowledge with appreciation our partners in Australia, in particular AusPayNet,  a longstanding partner who provided the APAC Financial Coalition Australia Forum with an institutional home with the support of its extensive industry-wide network. 

​​ICMEC Australia Team
Paul McCarney, Executive Chairman, ICMEC Australia
Bindu Sharma, Asia-Pacific Managing Director, ICMEC and Chief Executive Australia Operations
Caroline Pearce, Project Manager, ICMEC Australia
Brad Moult,  Head of Projects and Technology Partnerships, ICMEC Australia

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