Our Team

Ann Ault

Bob Cunningham
Chief Executive Officer

Michael N. Cachine, Sr.
Chief Technology Officer

Catherine Cummings
Senior Director

Katia Dantas
Interim Executive Director, Program Monitoring & Evaluation
Director, Global Educator Centre for Excellence

Tricia Fietz
Senior Government Relations Officer

Guillermo Galarza
Executive Director, Global Partnerships & Child Protection Training Programs

Kimberly Getz
Senior Accounting Officer

Jordan Greenbaum, MD
Medical Director

Sarah Harel
Chief of Staff

Caroline Humer
Vice President, Programs

Santana Inniss
Vice President, Digital Programs 

Sandra S. Marchenko
Vice President, Policy & Research
Director, The Koons Family Institute on International Law & Policy

Felicity Sackville Northcott, PhD
Director, Global Missing Children’s Center

Pilar Ramirez
Director, International Child Protection & Criminal Justice Training

Bindu Sharma
Managing Director, ICMEC Asia 
Chief  Executive of Australian Operations  

Jeff Swingle
Vice President, Strategic Advancement

Katie Ward
Director, Global Marketing