Who We Are

One child is one too many. Every single child deserves to grow up free from abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation. We are committed to building a safer world for our children by convening partners, advocating for improved protections and providing the necessary tools and training to those on the front lines.

Our Mission

We identify gaps in the global community’s ability to protect children from abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation, and assemble the necessary people, resources and tools.

How We Work

Our History

Since opening our doors, we have worked side-by-side with our global partners to give all children a chance to experience a safe and healthy childhood.

Why We Fight

“We believe in a world where abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation of children simply do not exist.”Ambassador Maura Harty, ret., President & CEO

Our Board

Our Board

Sharing the belief that we have a duty of care to protect the most vulnerable among us.

Meet the Board

Our Team

Our Team

Our team is the passion behind our mission. They work tirelessly to make the world safer for children everywhere.

Meet the Team

Our Supporters

Our Supporters

Providing ongoing mission-critical resources and support.

A Helping Hand