Digital Threats to Child Safety: A Brief Guide for Organizations on Outreach and Educational Activities

(ROCIT) In recent years, the theme of digital safety for children has become more urgent, and has led to the active organization of outreach activities to raise awareness regarding dangerous Internet content and to promote prevention of Internet-based threats. Secondary educational institutions, clubs for children and teenagers, cultural institutions, as well as the Internet, and in some cases, can all be utilized to this end and may provide a more systematic approach/framework/structure to the activities. Often organizers are hindered by a lack of information and a clear understanding of what should be discussed at such events. This guide is designed specifically for those cases in which professionals, who wish to engage in outreach/awareness work focused on digital content safety for children and adolescents, must first obtain a basic understanding of the problem and its characteristics in order to determine the further selection of specific materials and literature. The guide addresses the primary types of Internet content that pose threats to children along with basic steps to stop the circulation of these types of content.