Over 1 Million Children Are Reported Missing Every Year

The world is facing a crisis in its efforts to preserve the rights of children and protect all children from abuse and sexual exploitation.

We can change that... here is what we are doing.

Education Portal

Resources for Educators

Education Portal

Providing educators, parents, children, and others with information on how to protect against child abuse and exploitation, combat abuse in schools and report incidents of sexual abuse.

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Child Protection during the COVID-19 Crisis

Child Protection During COVID-19 Response

COVID-19 and Child Protection

We are committed to supporting child-serving professionals by providing resources from global partners in child protection.

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HealthPortal Resources

Resources for Medical and Health Professionals


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Learn how to document ICD codes and other sensitive information in electronic health records

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How we make a difference:
Our Programs

Addressing the Impact of Abuse

Addressing the Impact of Abuse

Research, Legislation, Schools,
Healthcare, Finance, Law Enforcement
and Global Networks

Our Programs

20,000+ child-protection specialists have been trained by ICMEC on how to respond to and investigate child abduction, sexual abuse and exploitation.
Training Front-Line Professionals

Deploying Tools and Technology

Deploying Tools and Technology

Providing tools, technology and training to the frontline of child protection to combat the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.

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Recursos para Educadores y Escuelas, en Español

Recursos para educadores y escuelas, en español

Portal de Educación (Español)

Informaciones a educadores, padres y niños sobre la protección contra el abuso infantil, el enfrentamiento en las escuelas y la denuncia a toda forma de abuso, explotación y negligencia.

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Training for Healthcare Providers

E-Learning For

Healthcare Professionals

Training to recognize child sexual abuse and exploitation for low-income and lower-income countries.

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Recent EU regulations could limit the use of technology in the defense of child safety. See how you can help. Learn More 

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The Council of International Schools (CIS) has released guidance for Adapting to new learning environments Read Now 

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As we work to protect children, ICMEC stands against racial injustice.

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