Our Impact

Over the last two decades, ICMEC has worked in more than 120 countries, empowering the global community with the tools, training and technology to create a safer world for children.

Powering the Search for Missing Children

  • ICMEC hosts the world’s largest missing child alerting system. Since the platform was launched in 2019, the GMCNgine has generated over 6 billion missing child alert media impressions and assisted with the recovery of more than 2,000 missing children.
  • The Global Missing Children’s Network, which offers resources to law enforcement and NGOs to assist in preventing and responding to reports of missing children, currently has 30 member countries across 5 continents.
  • We have helped 19 countries develop Rapid Emergency Child Alert Systems similar to AMBER Alert in the U.S.
  • We have worked with 8 countries to develop comprehensive national responses to the issue of missing children.

Supporting Front-Line Professionals

  • Since 2003, ICMEC has provided training and resources for more than 155,000 professionals, including law enforcement and criminal justice professionals, educators and school administrators, and doctors and other healthcare providers in more than 120+ countries.
  • Our Education Portal houses more than 600 curated resources for child-serving professionals. The Portal has reached nearly 78,000 professionals from 148 countries with policy and national law summaries, accreditation standards, incident response guides, and other training topics.
  • Our HealthPortal includes the latest resources and self-paced e-learning modules to equip healthcare professionals with the tools and knowledge to recognize and treat child sexual abuse, exploitation, and trafficking.

Global Educator Center for Excellence

  • ICMEC’s Global Educator Centre for Excellence partners with the International Task Force on Child Protection, the U.S. Department of State Office of Overseas Schools, and regional education associations to provide resources, training, and support to educators and school personnel in thousands of schools worldwide to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation.

The Koons Family Institute on International Law & Policy

  • Since 2009, The Koons Family Institute has hosted more than 400 research interns and volunteers, resulting in more than 95,000 hours of research.
  • Since Child Sexual Abuse Material: Model Legislation & Global Review was first released in 2006, 156 countries have refined or implemented new anti-child sexual abuse material laws.

Financial Coalitions Against Child Sexual Exploitation

  • Our Financial Coalitions in the U.S. and Asia Pacific fight against the online sale and dissemination of child sexual exploitation materials and live on-demand sexual abuse of children via video platforms. As a result of its efforts, the use of credit cards to purchase child sexual abuse content online has been virtually eliminated globally.

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