ICMEC has staff members spanning six continents and 17 countries.

Our mission – to make the world safer for children – is global by definition.

Crimes against children cross national borders. The more people working strategically to address the problems of missing and exploited children – and the more places they work in – the more likely we are to make meaningful progress toward eradicating this global issue.

Our diverse team helps us respond to local and regional needs, develop customized programs, and raise awareness around the globe on issues facing children by:

  • Promoting national and regional coalitions, bringing together the financial and information technology industries, law enforcement and NGOs in the defense of children.
  • Advocating for new or improved laws, treaties, and systems to protect children in their region.
  • Training law enforcement, criminal justice professionals, NGOs, governments and others, to increase local capacity to investigate and respond to crimes against children.
  • Expanding our Global Missing Children’s Network, while promoting policies and programs concerning missing children such the adoption of Rapid Emergency Child Alert Systems.

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