ICMEC’s Representation in Africa

Defending children in Africa and around the globe.

ICMEC works throughout Africa to raise awareness on child sexual exploitation and abuse as well as provide training and resources in child protection best practices to law enforcement, educators and telecom regulators.

  • ICMEC has conducted a Multisectoral Response & Capacity Assessment in Kenya, working with nonprofit partners and key government agencies to identifying gaps in the country’s protection and response to child sexual exploitation.
  • ICMEC held trainings and round table discussions in Kenya, Cameroon, Nigeria, Tanzania and South Africa to raise awareness on child sexual abuse material, effective reporting and investigation techniques. This awareness campaign is a collaboration between ICMEC, the Internet Watch Foundation, Child Helpline International, Meta, UNODC, and MTN.
ICMEC Africa Regional Project Manager, Athena Morgan, leads a panel during the FIFAfrica 2022 Conference on the online safety of children in Africa, highlighting the importance of collaboration in ensuring that children are safe to explore the benefits of a free and open internet.

ICMEC Staff in africa

Athena Morgan, Africa Regional Project Manager


Our work relies on the participation of every individual, entity and nation playing an active role in the defense of children. We are grateful for key partners who are playing an active role in the fight to defend children. Our partners in Africa include:

  • The African Parliamentary Network on Internet Governance (APNIG). Together, we are raising awareness in other member state parliamentarians on the importance of local legislation addressing online child sexual exploitation and abuse, child trafficking, and children who are missing.
  • Liquid Intelligence, an internet service provider in Africa. ICMEC will provide training on online child sexual exploitation for educators in schools where Liquid has set up internet connections.