Manila, Philippines (September 2015)

Training for Law Enforcement

Building global capacity to keep children safer from harm

A society cannot protect its children without an adequate number of law enforcement professionals who are properly trained, motivated and committed to the work.

Recognizing a need, in 2003 we began offering training to police officers, investigators, prosecutors, and other specialists.

“ICMEC plays a vital role in helping us to establish partnerships globally… ICMEC helps facilitate those relationships and provides training to those agencies to utilize best practices within child exploitation investigations.”Jim Cole, Victim Identification National Program Manager, U.S. Department of Homeland Security
To date, we have provided such training to more than 16,000 individuals from 128 countries. The training we offer is varied. ICMEC-supported instructors teach courses such as:

  • Essentials of Technology-Facilitated Crimes Against Children;
  • Advanced Online Exploitation Investigations;
  • Advanced Technologies; and
  • Fundamentals of Responding to Missing Children.

ICMEC also is a partner in the Virtual Global Taskforce, which seeks to combat child sexual exploitation by strengthening collaboration among law enforcement agencies around the world.

Law enforcement personnel need the right tools to combat the exploitation of children, including technology. ICMEC contributes expertise and outreach to a number of projects aimed at enhancing the technological capacity of law enforcement to investigate crimes against children.

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