Enabling Country-wide Protections for Children

ICMEC believes the pathway to true, lasting change is through comprehensive, coordinated protection for children at the national level. But few countries have the resources, the expertise, or the political will to establish or improve national action plans to protect children. That’s why we have launched a global program to identify gaps in a country’s ability to protect its children and propose a practical roadmap to fill those gaps.

In this first-of-its-kind assessment we identify gaps in national laws and policies, response programs, coordination systems, and institutional and professional capacity to effectively defend children. We call this the Multisectoral Response Capacity (MRC) Assessment. Where gaps exist, we train professionals to protect children from harm and foster conditions for systemic change. Through this methodical assessment, ICMEC is leading the way in helping countries create national protection plans to make those countries, and our world, safer for every child.

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If you are a government official, national or international NGO, or an international development organization and would like to request a Multisectoral Response & Capacity Assessment in your country, please contact information@icmec.org.