Implementing a Multisectoral Approach in Guatemala

ICMEC conducted the first-ever Multisectoral Response & Capacity Assessment in Guatemala. Over the course of five months, cases were analyzed, processes were reviewed, and two dozen institutions were surveyed representing each branch of the government as well as civil society organizations. ICMEC presented the findings of our assessment to the Vice President of Guatemala and other high ranking officials in 2021.

Today, an intersectoral coalition is hard at work – with leadership and guidance from ICMEC – implementing the resulting recommendations and strategies.  An estimated 8 million Guatemalan children stand to directly benefit from this program as we identify and work to close the most critical gaps in prevention, investigation, and victim assistance.


Improving Protection for Children in Guatemala

One of the most pressing needs ICMEC’s MRC Assessment identified, was the need to strengthen educational programs for professionals interacting directly with children.

In October 2022, in coordination with the Ministry of Education and UNODC, a training course for trainers in cybercrime prevention was developed within the framework of digital citizenship, which made it possible to provide didactic tools to 12,600 teachers across all of Guatemala.

In addition, the Gira Vive 2022 was coordinated with the Fundación Azteca Guatemala and UNODC, reaching more than 17,000 adolescents with awareness about the risks of online abuse and exploitation. ICMEC joined the 2023 Gira Vive where we reached more than 5,000 children in schools across Guatemala with important tips on how to engage safely online.

ICMEC has also collaborated with the Secretariat against Sexual Violence, Exploitation and Human Trafficking (SVET), to provide training courses aimed at expanding the strengths of public officials who perform functions that have children and adolescents as their target population or who have a role in prevention, investigation, or victim support.

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