Workplace Giving

Donations of all sizes make a huge difference to our organization and mission. We are so grateful for the companies who host workplace campaigns and to the employees who participate.

Global Impact

We're proud to be a part of the Global Impact Charity Alliance to support us in our workplace giving.

Payroll Deductions

Workplace giving is an easy way for individuals to make tax-deductible donations to their favorite charities. These workplace giving campaigns, while different depending on the company, all provide employees with a variety of ways to donate.  One of the unique benefits of workplace giving is the opportunity to give through payroll deduction, and deduct small amounts each pay period over the year. Giving through payroll deduction is a great way to make a larger contribution in smaller installments.

Matching Gifts

One advantage to workplace giving is that many companies have matching gift programs that will double, or even triple, charitable contributions made by employees. You can maximize the impact of your dollars by asking if your employer matches charitable gifts.

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