Global Missing Children Research

Model Missing Child Framework

A comprehensive strategy aimed at addressing the issue of missing and exploited children must extend beyond legislation. With this in mind, ICMEC developed a Model Missing Child Framework, which includes legislative provisions as well as policies, practices, systems, mechanisms, tools, and other initiatives. It is meant to outline a robust, multi-faceted national missing child framework that is necessary to facilitate more efficient investigation, management, and resolution of missing children cases. The Model Missing Child Framework has since been peer-reviewed by experts around the world and formally adopted by ICMEC; it represents a best practice and an important step in changing the way the international community responds when a child goes missing.

In an effort to provide a roadmap for the implementation of several of the components articulated in the Model Missing Child Framework, we have developed two additional framework documents with specific focus on Rapid Emergency Child Alert and Photo Distribution Systems.

Click here for the Model Missing Child Framework in ArabicEnglishFrench, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, or Thai.

Click here for the Rapid Emergency Child Alert System Framework in English, German, Portuguese, or Spanish.

Click here for the Photo Distribution Framework in English.