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The GMCN Grows to 34 Members, Representing 30 Countries

Missing Children Switzerland Joins the GMCN

ALEXANDRIA, VIRGINIA, June 12, 2019 – Today the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children announced their Global Missing Children’s Network (GMCN) has grown to 34 member organizations. With Missing Children Switzerland, a Swiss based non-governmental organization (NGO), joining the Network, it now actively represents law enforcement and NGOs in 30 countries.

The issue of missing and abducted children is a global issue that every country grapples with. Countries not only have varying legislation, but also diverse protocols for responding to these types of incidents. To combat these siloes, the GMCN was created in 1998 to assist countries in building a harmonized response including cross-border collaboration to make it easier for law enforcement and NGOs to search for missing children and bring them home safely.

The GMCN facilitates the effective collaboration between members and provides access to resources, best practices, expertise, and tools such as the revolutionary artificial intelligence and geo-targeting platform, the GMCNgine™.  The goal of the Network is to unite and mobilize the global community to find missing children.

As Switzerland joins they will gain access to the current Network as well as contribute their own resources and expertise. This partnership provides access to programs and resources to continue to combat this issue. Growth of the Network helps to ensure that no child stands alone.

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