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ICMEC Announces Significant New Donation to Help Children Displaced by the War in Ukraine

(July 25, 2022) Today the International Centre for Missing and Exploited Children announces it has received a donation of USD1.13 million from LTS Advisory Limited on behalf of LetterOne, an international investment firm.

The unrestricted donation comes from the philanthropic fund established in March 2022 by the new board at LetterOne. The funds will support the charity’s work in helping to strengthen Eastern and Central Europe’s child protection capacities over the coming twelve months.

ICMEC plans to use the money to help countries around Ukraine examine and enhance their child protection systems following the recent, forced mass migration of children into their countries. ICMEC will work with respective governments, NGOs and industry professionals to identify how processes and procedures can be improved and capacities can be further developed using expert insight built up over years of work in troubled locations around the world.

The donation, the source, and the vehicle through which the donation is being made have been rigorously vetted to ensure compliance with all appropriate international and local regulations.

ICMEC is grateful for the donation and the opportunity it provides to expand our efforts in an area of the world where children and the professionals who protect them are now in even more need of support. It is only through generous contributions such as this that ICMEC can continue in our unwavering mission to empower communities across the globe and create a safer world for every child.

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