Press Release


Today, we are pleased to announce a new partnership between the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) and the African Advanced Level Telecommunications Institute (AFRALTI) to create a safer world and safer internet for children.

As reports of online child exploitation continue to increase year-over-year, it is critical that every industry in every country is aware and equipped to combat online child sexual exploitation and abuse. Together, ICMEC and AFRALTI will deliver trainings in online child sexual exploitation and cybersecurity best practices across Africa to law enforcement, justice officials, nonprofits, industry, and telecommunication entities.

ICMEC CEO, Bob Cunningham shared “ICMEC and AFRALTI both are founded in training, education, and collaboration. We are pleased to develop new relationships across the Continent and work together to create a safer internet for every child.”

“The partnership with the International Centre for Missing & Exploited Children (ICMEC) is groundbreaking. Cybersecurity awareness has been a challenge in this part of the globe especially among vulnerable groups such as exploited children. As AFRALTI, we intend to leverage our footprint in Africa of over 23 countries to ensure we support ICMEC initiatives to protect children through capacity building, training, and workshops against illegal and unethical cyber activities such as cyberbullying that lead to children being exploited and trafficked. This is especially critical during this pandemic period that has seen an increase in online activity. We, therefore, believe that our partnership will contribute immensely towards making the world a better and safer place to live for all children.” said AFRALTI Director, William Baraza.

ICMEC is dedicated to building a global community of caring adults and institutions all working together to bring about a world where children can grow up free from going missing, from being abducted, sexually abused or exploited. Since our founding, we have worked in 120 countries and trained 60,000+ law enforcement officials, educators, NGO staff, and healthcare professionals worldwide in the prevention and response to child abuse, exploitation and missing children. Through research, we identify gaps in international child protection systems that leave children vulnerable. Where gaps exist, we train professionals to protect children from harm and foster conditions for systemic change. ICMEC’s unique value is in our comprehensive approach and ability to influence and inspire the global community – regardless of country, industry, sector, or profession – toward the common goal of building a safer world for all children.

AFRALTI is an inter-governmental institute established in 1991 to supplement and spearhead information and communications technology development efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa. The institute has an extensive track record stretching 30 years of providing quality training in Technology, Engineering, Management, Policy and Regulation in Telecommunications/ICT industry in Africa.  AFRATLI has a broad and deep expertise in designing and delivering the full range of customized training programs with a large pool of recognized expertise drawn from the ICT Industry as well as the academia.