Lyon 2005

Emerging trends in child pornography

On 14 April 2005, we convened the Lyon Forum to assess progress made since 2002 in Dublin.

The Lyon Forum gathered together experts in the field of child pornography, as well as leaders in the technology and private sectors, to: explore the current state of and emerging trends in child pornography; assess the progress made on the Dublin Plan; and adjust the Dublin Plan recommendations for future actions accordingly.

Discussions at the Lyon Forum addressed: law enforcement initiatives and challenges; government perspectives; victim impact; coordination and collaboration among NGOs; the role of the Internet industry; attacking child pornography as a commercial enterprise; and the role of new technologies in the explosion of child pornography on the Internet.

At the conclusion of the Lyon Forum, recommendations were made for ways to more effectively combat the scourge of child pornography, especially on the Internet.

A complete summary of the Lyon Forum is available in English, French, and Spanish.