Millions of children go missing every year.

Together, we can bring them back to safety.

A Story of Hope

Elieth Samara was abducted when she was just 19 days old. For 33 long hours, her mother lived a nightmare until she was reunited with her daughter thanks to the tireless investigation of ICMEC and our allies around the globe. Watch this powerful story of heartbreak and hope.


Learn more about missing children and about ICMEC’s commitment to bring every missing child to safety no matter what it takes.

How would you define a “missing child”?

The answer might be more complex than you realize. ICMEC considers any child under the age of 18 whose whereabouts are unknown to be “missing”. This includes children who have been abducted, abandoned, separated from their parents, or are running away from a home that is not safe. We believe every child deserves to be in the safety and security of a caring adult and when they are missing – no matter the circumstances – they are profoundly vulnerable. We are here to fight for a safer world for every single child. 

One Missing Child is One Too Many

We believe one missing child is one too many. ICMEC is committed to improving the global understanding of and response to missing and abducted children.

ICMEC’s Global Missing Children’s Centre unites the global community in the search for missing children, sharing best practices and partnering to establish effective nation-wide prevention and response measures. A key to an effective response is a dedicated emergency child alert system. These alert systems are critical in activating the community for the safe recovery of children who are in immediate danger. ICMEC has partnered with 19 countries to develop emergency alerts.

A Campaign with Global Impact

Every year, more countries commemorate International Missing Children’s Day, acknowledging the need for a harmonized response to protect vulnerable children around the world. This year, many of our partners around the globe are activating for International Missing Children’s Day.

Amber Alert Europe launched the #CheckBeforeYouChat prevention campaign with a TikTok dance that educates teenagers on the signs of online grooming.

The Smile of the Child in Greece will hold an event to equip child protection heroes including chiefs of police, fire brigades, and Ministries with tools and technology to support Greece’s national response to missing children.

The Lithuanian Missing Persons Family Support Center held a drawing competition titled “We will not forget you!” Here is one of the many entries received from children all over Lithuania illustrating what “missing” means.