Missing Children: Prevention

We live in a changing world. Today, advancements in technology define the global landscape. While the benefits of innovation are clear, these changes increase the risks children face and the challenges associated with protecting them. The anonymity of the online world combined with other forces outside of the home make children incredibly vulnerable. Parents and caregivers are concerned and have one question on their mind: how can I keep my child safe?

While it is impossible to eliminate all the different risks children face, there are steps we can take to help manage those risks and minimize their impact.

At ICMEC, we believe protecting children is a responsibility every one of us bears. As adults, we must be accountable for the children in our lives and be prepared to manage the variety of risks they face.  It also is important for adults to foster open and respectful communication with children. Creating this supportive environment will help to build trust and encourage children to seek out advice or ask for help.

To provide parents with tools to help keep children safe, ICMEC developed a set of child safety tips. These tips include basic safety practices, such as:

  • not opening the door for or accepting gifts from strangers;
  • not giving out personal information on the telephone or Internet;
  • not approaching vehicles on the street; and
  • helping your children to memorize their full name and home address, the parents’ full names, and contact information.

In addition to these safety tips, ICMEC’s Education Portal provides parents, teachers, and other child-serving professional with a wealth of information on how to prevent and respond to child sexual abuse and exploitation.
Being informed is a critical first step to preventing a child from going missing or being abducted. Still, it is important for parents and caregivers to be prepared. Learn more about what you can do if your child goes missing.