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Indian Child Protection Medical Professional Network

Resources for members of the Indian Child Protection Medical Professional Network (ICPMPN).

The ICPMPN is a national network of medical and mental health professionals working to improve the prevention, recognition and response to child sexual abuse and exploitation and human trafficking in India. It is a collaboration between ICMEC and the Indian Child Abuse, Neglect and Child Labor group of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics.

By clicking on the links below (please scroll all the way down), members will gain access to a library of ICPMPN webinars, e-learning modules addressing child sexual abuse and exploitation, a toolkit to improve health and mental health services for trafficked children, full-text research articles and guidelines, as well as patient/family resources.

Network Information

About the Indian Child Protection Medical Professional Network

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Webinar Recordings

View recordings of prior webinars hosted by the ICPMPN

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Guidelines, Research & Resources

Clearinghouse of research articles, medical and mental health guidelines and other resources for ICPMPN members

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Evidentia E-learning Modules

Free online, self-paced learning modules for ICPMPN members.

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