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Evidentia E-learning Modules

Free online, self-paced learning modules for ICPMPN members.

ICMEC and Evidentia Learning

We have collaborated with medical experts to produce three self-paced, interactive online e-learning modules designed for global health and mental health professionals.  These modules include curricula on child sexual abuse, trauma-informed care and child trafficking.

The Modules

These online learning modules provide training on the healthcare response to child sex trafficking and child/adolescent sexual abuse. They include in-depth discussions of the dynamics of, and risk factors for sexual violence against children, strategies for speaking with young children and adolescent patients about their experiences, use of a trauma-informed, rights-based, culturally-responsive approach to care for patients and their families, as well as comprehensive coverage of the medical evaluation and diagnostic workup for suspected sexual abuse. The three modules are:

  1. Medical Evaluation of Child and Adolescent Sexual Abuse 
  2. Child Sex Trafficking
  3. Trauma-Informed Care

Accessing the Modules

Click HERE to access the training modules. Simply sign in with the email and password previously given to you for access to the Evidentia modules.

If you have difficulty accessing, please contact Jordan Greenbaum, MD at jgreenbaum (at) icmec (dot) org.