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Child Sexual Abuse

Child Sexual Exploitation, Abuse, and Trafficking Resources for Healthcare Professionals

Disclosures & Interviews for CSA

Healthcare professionals may need to speak with children about sexual abuse experiences. In this section, the health professional is provided with information and guidance that will help them understand the dynamics of the disclosure process, and obtain the information they need from a child and their caregiver in a trauma-informed, developmentally appropriate and culturally-sensitive way.

Health & Mental Health

Child sexual abuse is associated with numerous short- and long-term health consequences. This section provides information on the health impact of sexual abuse, as well as long-term outcomes of abuse and mental health treatment strategies.

Problematic Child Sexual Behavior and Sex Offending

While certain types of sexualized behavior are normal and age-appropriate, problematic sexual behaviors (PSB) involve a risk of emotional or physical harm to the child or to others. This section includes resources and guidance on the topic of problematic child sexual behaviors and sex offending.