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Protecting Children on the Move – Understanding and Addressing the Risks of Abuse Exploitation and Going Missing during Migration


April 2022 (ICMEC)  Millions of children around the world—accompanied and unaccompanied—have been forced to migrate or displaced within their countries. Their lack of maturity and education, as well as vulnerabilities related to their ongoing physical and psychological development, predispose them to an increased risk of exploitation and to going missing prior to, during, and after their migratory journeys. With this publication, we hope to provide even greater insight into the ongoing and ever-evolving issue of child migration and the risks children face throughout their journeys.  ICMEC aims to encourage cross-sector, cross-industry collaboration and engagement; promote ongoing training and education of healthcare professionals, educators, border personnel, and other key stakeholders; and encourage the provision of safe spaces for children regardless of their migrant status to ensure their basic rights are being upheld. With the proper resources, partnerships, and tools in place, migrant children will have a better chance of living healthier and safer lives. Read More

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