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Special Education Needs Abuse Prevention and Response


All ICMEC resources are applicable to children with different abilities and needs.  Some resources are written to address specific vulnerabilities of children with commuication or psychosocial disabilities, in particular Austistic Spectrum Condition (ASC).  These research-informed resources were compiled by trusted child protection partners such as NCMEC (US), NAS (US), NSPCC (UK), SWGfL (UK), and INEQE (UK).Read More

Child Abuse/Exploitation, Child Pornography, Child Protection, International Schools, Case Study, IT safeguarding curriculum, Peer-Peer Abuse, Schools, Sexting

Sexting in Schools: Responding to incidents and safeguarding young people


(UKCCIS) Produced by the UK Counsel for Child Internet Safety, this cornerstone advice is for school heads and child protection designates or designated safeguarding leads on youth produced sexual imagery. Research found that 61% of secondary school head teachers reported this as a greater concern than smoking, drugs, obesity or offline bullying. This advice covers responding to disclosures, handling devices and imagery, assessing risk, reporting protocols, recording incidents, involving parents, supporting victims and victimizers, and preventative safeguarding and IT education. Resource lists, reporting forms, incident flow charts and staff training materials are included.Read More

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AISA Child Protection Handbook


(Association of International Schools in Africa, AISA) Foundation resource for international schools developed with content experts. Contains modules on recruitment, policies and procedures, multi-disciplinary teams, abuse prevention curriculum, and self-audit tools. Guidance is applicable to all child-serving organizations, but also includes regional resources.Read More

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