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Model Missing Child Framework


(ICMEC) In an effort to facilitate more efficient investigation, management, and resolution of missing children cases, a robust, national missing child framework is necessary.Read More

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Protecting Children from Cybercrime: Legislative Responses in Asia to Fight Child Pornography, Online Grooming and Cyberbullying


(ICMEC, The World Bank) In the framework of the Global Forum on Law, Justice and Development, ICMEC and The World Bank published an Asian regional study on legislative responses for the protection of children from violence through Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in response to a growing concern over the use of ICTs to commit violence against children.Read More

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Acquaintance Molestation and Youth-Serving Organizations


(Lanning and Dietz, 2014) Article dispels myths and addresses misconceptions about acquaintance molesters and enables youth-serving organizations to recognize barriers to identification and adoption of best practice in order to do the most the law allows rather than the least the law requires. Published online 23 May 2014 "Journal of Interpersonal Violence," 29, 2815-2838Read More

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AISA Child Protection Handbook


(Association of International Schools in Africa, AISA) Foundation resource for international schools developed with content experts. Contains modules on recruitment, policies and procedures, multi-disciplinary teams, abuse prevention curriculum, and self-audit tools. Guidance is applicable to all child-serving organizations, but also includes regional resources.Read More

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ITU Guidelines for Industry on Child Protection Online


(International Telecommunications Union) These updated guidelines for industry on child online protection provide advice on how the information and communication technology industry can help promote safety for children using the Internet or any technologies or devices that can connect to it.Read More

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Child Protection Model Law – Best Practices: Protection of Children from Neglect, Abuse, Maltreatment and Exploitation


(ICMEC, The Protection Project) This is a comprehensive model law on protecting children from all forms of neglect, abuse, maltreatment and exploitation which incorporates international standards and best practices of child protection, based on the protection measures of CRC and its two optional protocols and citing 130 domestic laws from 68 countries.Read More

Child Protection

100 Best Practices in Child Protection


(ICMEC, The Protection Project) This guide is intended to offer examples of some successful initiatives undertaken by civil society organizations as well as individuals and government agencies concerned with protecting children around the world.Read More

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Child Molesters: A Behavioral Analysis For Professionals Investigating the Sexual Exploitation of Children


(NCMEC & OJJDP) This publication hopes to address and improve this situation for the benefit of the victims, investigators, and prosecutors. While society has become increasingly more aware of the problem of the acquaintance molester and related problems such as child pornography, the voice calling the public to focus only on “stranger danger” and many child-abuse professionals to focus only on intrafamilial sexual abuse still persists. Sexual-exploitation cases involving acquaintance molesters present many investigative challenges, but they also present the opportunity to obtain a great deal of corroborative evidence, get solid convictions, and prevent continued victimization.Read More

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Crossing Borders to Protect the Children of the World


(ICMEC) This report summarizes the proceedings of the 19 February 2009 conference Crossing Borders to Protect the Children of the World, held in Cairo, Egypt. The conference concluded with the issuance of the Cairo Declaration, a call to action to protect the rights of children throughout the world.Read More

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ITU Guidelines for Policymakers on Child Online Protection


(International Telecommunications Union) These guidelines for policymakers  help individual countries plan for their strategies for child online protection in the short, medium and longer term.Read More

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ITU Guidelines for Parents, Guardians or Educators on Child Online Protection


(International Telecommunications Union) These guidelines for parents, guardians and educators provide recommendations on what they can do to make their child’s online experience a positive one.Read More

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ITU Guidelines for Children on Child Online Protection


(International Telecommunications Union) These guidelines advise children  on possible harmful activities online, such as bullying and harassment, identity theft, and online abuse. The guidelines also include advice to children seeing and experiencing harmful and illegal content online, or young people being exposed to grooming for sexual purposes, the production, distribution and collection of child abuse material.Read More

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Victimization of Expat Students ISPCAN


(ISPCAN) Lois J. Engelbrecht with MSW Center for the Prevention & Treatment of Child Sexual Abuse, Philippines Protect & Save the Children, Malaysia Prevent Child Sexual Abuse Project, Hanoi - Report explores victimization experiences of expatriate students in international schools using the juvenile victimization questionnaire with American international school students and explores features of the expat student population that increases their vulnerability to abuse and exploitation.Read More

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Witch Hunt, the Backlash, and Professionalism


(APSAC) The sexual victimization of children is a highly emotional issue. Publicity and controversy over complex topics such as repressed memory, satanic ritual abuse, and suggestibility of children have divided and polarized many child advocates, the media, and the American public. In addition to explaining the characteristics of 'backlash' and 'witch hunt' phenomenons, the author describes the key professional qualities needed when running an internal investigation into abuse allegations.Read More


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